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REXframe Tools

Below is a list of some of the more popular REXframe tools.  Each tool is designed for use with the REXframe hardware and accesories allowing you to easily create any structure you can think of.
Contact us if you are looking for something specific not listed below.

RX-400 REXdriver


The RX-400 is a drill-bit capable of driving all REXframe screws and locks.

RX-401 Standard REXkey


The RX-401 is used to tighten all elbow and joiner screws. 

RX-402 Heavy Duty REXkey


The RX-402 drives all elbow and joiner screws. The heavy duty material allows for more torque to tighten screws.

RX-403 Lock REXkey


The RX-403 can drive all REXframe screws and all REXframe locks.

RX-404 REXkey kit


The RX-404 includes all REXdrivers and REXkeys. The most excellent tool choice for assembling REXframe systems.

RX-405 Drill Guide


Available only for authorized dealers and distributors. The RX-405 is a template that offers precision drilling for placement of screws and locks.

RX-406 Standard Drill Bit 8mm


The RX-406 is used to drill holes for hardware with screws.

RX-407 Lock Drill Bit 13mm


The RX-407 is used to drill holes for our REXframe locks.

RX-409 REXframe Sample Kit


The RX-409 is available only for authorized REXframe dealers and distributors. 

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