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REXframe Profiles

Below is a list of some of the more popular REXframe profiles.  Each profile is designed for use with the REXframe hardware and accesories allowing you to easily create any structure you can think of.
Contact us if you are looking for something specific not listed below.

RX-100 Retro

The RX-100 Retro profile is used to retrofit a REXframe® profile into an existing cavity or lightbox.

This profile offers an easy, cost effective way to achieve a new, more vibrant look using existing hardware.


RX-101 Universal


The RX-101 Universal utilizes existing structure to attach REXframe to items like walls, window frames or door frames.

RX-102 Maxi-Adapter


The RX-102 Maxi-Adapter clips onto the face of 80mm Maxima without requiring additional clipping system. This profile conceals the Maxima framework, giving a clean, seamless look.


RX-103 Maxi Internal


The RX-103 Maxi Internal offers a framed, industrial look.  It simply clips inside the Maxima, without requiring an additional clipping system.

This profile can be double sided and illuminated, perfect for drawing even more attention!

RX-104 Single Sided


The RX-104 Single Sided is used to create single sided displays that can be freestanding or attached to a wall.

RX-104 Single Sided Black


The RX-104B Single Sided Black profile can be freestanding, suspended or attached to a wall or pole.

This is the simplest and most versatile profile of all the profiles, and the true beauty lies in the ease of changing fabric.

RX-105 Double Sided


The RX-105 Doube Sided can display prints on both sides and is great for media walls, backdrops and directional signage.

RX-105 Double Sided Black


The RX-105b Double Sided (Black) REXframe®, with a unique black finish, displays artwork on both sides and is perfect for media walls, stage backdrops, petitioning a room, directional or promotional signage.


RX-106 Contour

The Contour is a unique profile that is easily bent to create seamless, curved corners.  It can be used to create the base of a cylinder with a ceiling. Almost any unusual shape can be achieved using the Contour – perfect for grabbing attention!


RX-107 Cube
The Cube seamlessly displays signage on all four sides plus the ceiling. It grabs attention and is definitely noticed whether it’s freestanding or suspended. It’s perfect for events when signage needs to be big and bold


RX-108 Single Sided Lightbox


The RX-108 can be used to create bright vibrant prints using LED lighting or.  Uses include wall graphics, trade show displays, fake walls or backdrops.

RX-110 Double Sided Lightbox


The RX-110 is the double sided version of the RX-108 and can display prints on both sides using low powered LED lights.  Uses include free standing displays, tradeshow and large advertising displays.

RX-111 Support


The REXframe® Support is used to provide strength and stability to large REXframe® frames. Simply attach RX-212 90° Locks to each end and attach it to the frame every 10 feet.

RX-112 Single Sided Wide
The REXframe® Single Sided Wide offers a wide version of the single sided profile.


RX-113 80 Structure


The REXframe® 80 Structure is used build large, engineered structures that are strong and stable.  To cover the structure with fabric, simply clip in RX-102 Maxi Adapter and slide the fabric into the guides. It gives a whole new, welcoming look to a trade show or exhibition entrance.

RX-114 40 Structure

The REXframe® 40 Structure provides strength and stability to any structure. It is used as a rear support system for the REXframe® wall.


RX-115 System Retro Aluminum


The System Retro – Aluminium simply slides onto the Octonorm track, converting a standard system into a REXframe® aluminium system.
It’s a quick, easy solution to re-invent your old system with a new look fabric graphic.

RX-116 System Retro - Plastic


The System Retro Plastic simply clips into the Octonorm track, converting a standard system into a REXframe® system.

It’s a cost effective, quick and easy solution and can be installed after the structure has been constructed.


RX-117 REXwall Post


The RX-117 is designed to join up to four walls together.  It provides a seamless look and is ideal for creating exhibition booths and for providing structure support.

RX-118 Single Sided D'Lite


The RX-118 is a lighter weight and smaller design over the RX-104.  It's low cost and easy clip system make it deal for high volume retail rollouts.

RX-119 Single Sided D'Lite


The RX-118 is a lighter weight and smaller design over the RX-105.  It's low cost and easy clip system make it deal for high volume retail rollouts.

RX-120 Wall Mount Lightbox D'Lite


The REXframe® Wall Mount Lightbox in the D’LiTe ranges offers a lightweight version of the wall mounted lightbox – perfect for the budget conscious who still wants to create an impact.

RX-121 Backlit Lightbox


The RX-121 is a new backlit profile option.  The narrow profile is ideal for wall hanging projects and the bright LED's will be sure to grab attention.  

RX-124 Universal External


The RX-124 is a profile screwed or bolted to existing external corner. Once attached to an external corner fabric can be installed and changed at the whim of the customer. 

RX-125 Universal Internal
The RX-125 is a profile that can be screwed or bolted into an existing internal corner. Once attached to an internal corner, fabric can be intalled and changed at the whim of the customer.
RX-126 REXwall Tripost



RX-127 REXwall Corner Post


The RX-127 is used to create your REXwall corner. REXwall sections are joined at this post at a 90 degree angle. 

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